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House System Students are divided into four houses – Amity, Dignity, Integrity and Unity – in order to create in them a healthy spirit of competition in their School activities. In sports, cultural and other competitions, the house that gets the maximum points is awarded the house trophy of the year.

Science-Art-Culture Exhibition(SACE) Every year the students put up a Science-Art-Culture Exhibition (SACE) with the help and guidance of the teachers. This is an occasion for the students to put into practice the theoretical principles they study in their science classes and to exhibit the various cultural, historical events and art forms they come across in their social studies and language classes. The School spends a considerable amount of money for the exhibition, and considers it as a really worthwhile activity.

Clubs There are several clubs, namely, Quiz club, Mathematics club, Literary club, Science club, Eco- club, Health club, Hindi Samaj, Nature Club, IT Club, The Debate and Quiz Club, Social Service Club, Home Science Club, Bharat Scouts and Guides, School Road Safety Club etc. actively functioning in the School, under the supervision of the teachers. The students are free to choose any club according to their taste and interest. Every student, however, has to be a member of any one of the clubs.

Remedial Coaching Special classes are arranged department-wise for all the subjects for the benefit of weak students. Teachers do it as part of their professional commitment to the weaker section of the students.

Value Education In order to inculcate correct moral values in children and to mould them into socially committed citizens, one period is arranged every week for value education. School arranges also classes of outstanding speakers in value education. Besides, the students are given instruction on etiquette, code of conduct, correct social behaviour, etc.

Annual Retreat / Spiritual Awareness Programme The School arranges a two or three days’ retreat for Christian students and a spiritual awareness programme for non-Christian students. Attendance in these programmes is compulsory. The programmes are conducted by competent resource persons and have proved to be very effective in improving the spiritual outlook and general behaviour of the students.

Guidance and Counselling Cell The School has a Guidance and Counselling Cell. It helps the students who are disturbed psychologically, socially, emotionally or situationaly and enables them to modify and to enhance the psychological well-being of the pupils. Guidance and Counselling Cell provides systematic ways of helping the students learn the personality adjustments.

Student's Day One day, preferably in the second term, the administration and teaching of the School are handed over to the students, symbolically handing over the ‘key’ of the School to the Student Principal. Student - teachers are selected from HS and HSS classes on the basis of their academic performance and communication skills. The performance of the students will be evaluated by teachers. Student-teachers are awarded prizes based on their performance.

Co-curricular Activities As the abilities to plan, organize, communicate and execute are as important for success in life as the proficiency in academics, the School is keen on developing the creative potentials of the students through co-curricular activities. The School has made a contract with Sarga Kshetra Cultural Training Centre, Changanacherry, to get experienced and competent teachers for giving training to students in co curricular activities. One afternoon session a week, the Friday afternoon session, is spent exclusively for co-curricular activities. Training is given in music (vocal & instrument), dance, painting & drawing, roller-skating, karate, yoga, etc. by competent experts in the respective fields. Students are charged for the training in art forms under expert trainers from outside. There are also non paid co-curricular activities supervised by regular teachers of the School.

Cultural Competitions Cultural Competitions are held annually for a day for all the sections of the schools. This is an occasion of celebration when the students give expression to their own artistic creativity and enjoy the creative performance of their classmates. Best performers in each item of competitions are awarded certificates and prizes.

Sports Day Sports competitions are conducted in the athletic events on the Annual Sports Day. The competitions are conducted on house basis. Winners of the various sport events are awarded prizes.

School Day The School Day is usually held in January. All the parents, friends and benefactors of the School are invited to the function. A brief report of the activities and achievements of the School during the current academic year is presented in the public meeting by the principal. Achievers in different fields are recognized and awarded prizes in the meeting. Cultural programmes of the students are part of the Annual School Day.

Kids Day Just like the School Day, Kids Day is a day of celebration for the School. The parents of the L.P and Kindergarten children are invited to the Kids Day to enjoy and celebrate the development of the creative potentials of the kids.

Class Magazines Every class from Std. V to XII brings out a manuscript class magazine with articles, poems, paintings, drawings, jokes, etc. The best magazines from the UP , HS and HSS sections are awarded prizes.

School Magazine & Bulletins Every year the School Magazine is published by an Editorial Board consisting of staff editors and the student editor. The School Magazine is primarily the record of the various activities of the academic year. It contains a few relevant articles written by the staff and students, and other creative art forms. News bulletins are normally published in each term of the academic year.

Student's Council The elected representatives of the students from Std V to XII and the School Leaders elected by the elected representatives constitute the Students’ Council. The election and the activities of the Students’ Council are under the Parliamentary system. The Students’ Council work under the guidance and supervision of two teachers who are in charge of the Students Council. The Council helps the Principal and the teachers for the smooth running of the schools; and it helps to coordinate the co-curricular activities.

Parent Teacher Association Parent Teachers Association is a consultative body that gives creative suggestions to the principal and management for the well being and developmental schemes of the School. A healthy P.T.A. devoid of factions of different political leanings and selfish interests can provide tremendous support for the smooth and efficient functioning of the School.

Alumni Association The students who pass out from the School join the Alumini (former Students’) Association paying a registration fee of Rs.100. They get together every year on a day they fix at the annual meeting of the previous year.

CA-CPT Introduction Class for Commerce Batch Orientation class conducted by CA Ullas Parackal (Director Biswas Institute of CA Training, Changanassery) in the view of conducting CPT (Common Proficiency Test) training and to familiarize our students on CA and its opportunities in Accounting

Congratulation to Mast. Sanjay K Sunny & HSE Toppers "They held high the legacy of KE School". Honored Master Sanjay K Sunny, 4th Rank holder in All Kerala Engineering Entrance Examination (2012-13) the former student of KE School, and HSE I toppers Master Noel George and Kum. Hashna H who secured 100% marks in all the subjects.

DAWN 2013, New Heigher Secondary School (HSS) Batch into KE Roll The new academic year was opened for the HSS – Plus One batch on 12th June 2013. Principal Rev. Fr. James Mullassery CMI welcomed the gathering with valuable thoughts, Presidential address delivered by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Attichira CMI (Vicar Provincial St Joseph's province Tvm), Adv. Sri. Royce Chirayil (District Government Pleader & Public Prosecutor) was the chief guest. School Toppers and Scores above 90% marks in the Board Examinations of the Academic year 2012-14 were honored. Brilliant JEE Scholarships awards and Foundation Programme Merit Certificates were also distributed during this meeting.

Chavara Block Blessing (2013 - 2014) The new building for IIT batch students “Chavara Block” was blessed on 9th June’13. Rev. Fr. James Thayil CMI (Provincial, St. Joseph’s Province Tvm), blessed the new building in the presence of Rev. Fr. Antony Edanad (Prior, St. Joseph’s Monastery Mannanam), Rev. Fr. Sebastian Attichira CMI (Vicar Provincial, St. Joseph’s Province Tvm), Fr. James Mullassery (KE School Principal), Fr. Janesh Moolayil CMI (Vice-Principal), Fr. Thomas Vembala CMI (former Principal, KE School) and other dignified members of CMI congregation. Sri Felix George (PTA President), Sri George Thomas (Director, Brilliant Study Centre) shared their valuable time rendering their presence.

World Environment Day (2013 - 2014) We KE Family celebrated the World Environment Day with the theme Think.Eat.Save, antifood waste and food loss campaign with the aim to reduce food waste. Our Principal Fr. James Mullassery CMI planted a "Sapling" in the school campus in the presence of class V and Class VI students to promote "Environment Protection Sprit" among the students.

Buds Bloom at K E School again...for the academic year 2013 - 2014 3rd June 2013 triggered smiles and new dreams at K E campus once again. The academic year re-opening - once again lighted "Njanajyothi". The official inaugural ceremony began with a prayer song by School Choir, Sri Shaji George (Head Master) welcomed the gathering. "Light of the world Illumine" - School Principal Rev. Fr. James Mullassery CMI lighted the Njanajyothy, three reading from the Holy Bible, Geeta and Quran made the re-opening more spiritual. Chief Guest Rev. Fr. Sebastian Attichira CMI (Vicar-Provincial, St. Josephs Province, Tvm) delivered the key note and felicitations by Rev. Fr. Janesh Moolayil CMI (Vice-Principal) and Sri. Felix George (PTA President). The class teachers along with the class leaders were given Njanajyothy to spread the light of Knowledge and Wisdom in their class.

Teachers' Training Programme at Vazhoor (30th May'13 to 1st June'13) "You are what your deep driving desire is, As your desire is, so is your will, As your will is, so is your deed, As your deed is, so is your destiny." The big students of K E School were given an orientation cum training programme at Vazhoor Anugraha Renewal Centre. The three days residential programme commenced on 30th May'13 with the Inaugural session. The Inaugural session was blessed with the presence of Rev. Fr. Dr. Joeph Pathraparikal CMI (Founder Director of Annugraha Renewal Centre), Rev. Fr. Sebastian Attichira CMI (Vicar Provincial, St. Joseph's Province, Tvm), Fr. James Mullassery CMI (Principal, KE School), Sri. Shaji George (Head Master, KE School), Mr. Shiby Kallarakal and Sri Robin from Ratnasagar Publications. The three day session lead by: - Sri. Shibu Kallarackal on Body Postures while teaching and the usage of language and the means to link the lessons with life. - Mr. Bineesh K Menon took the session on "The Art of Teaching" and a class on Learning Disabilities and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Sri Suresh Ramanattukara, a physiologist cum teacher advocated on Motivating the students to identify the hidden skills and the potential within them.

ASISC State Athletic Meet (ICSE / ISC) Hosted 30th ASISC State Athletic Meet of the ICSE / ISC schools

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