Kuriakose Elias School


  • Fees
    • Where can I get the details related to fees
      Go to GENERAL INFORMATION page and check FEE STRUCTURE section for fee details. You can contact office +91.482.2597180 for more details
    • I have dues to pay. How do I know how much is the due amount and details
      For fee payment dues please contact office number 2597180. And to server you better with correct details kindly provide following details related to the student
      • Student Name, 
      • Class & Division and 
      • Mother's Name 
  • PTA (Parent Teacher Meeting)
    • Where can I get the details of PTA Executive Committe
      Answer to be updated
  • General
    • Student want to leave school early, what should the student do
      Student must get the Gate Pass from authority to leave the school anytime between 9:00AM and 3:30 PM
  • Boarding
    • Do I require to collect Boarding out pass to go home
      All students must collect Gate Pass from Boarding House authority (Rector) and it should be handed over to the School Security at the time of leaving the school campus.
  • Uniform
    • If any student is not in situation to come school in full uniform. What should I do?
      Student must bring request letter from parent, get signature (approval) from Headmaster or Principal and submit the letter to the School discipline team. 
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