K.E. Mannanam starts an AIIMS (Residential Medical Entrance Coaching) along with IIT Residential Batch in this year... 2 years integrated Plus Two and special Medical Entrance Coaching by Brilliant Study Centre, Pala at K.E. School, Mannanam State & ISC syllabus...

Application forms for new admissions are available from the school office from 15th November 2013 onwards.

Entrance Foundation Programme for Class VII, VIII, IX and X students in the campus by Brilliant Pala.

Long term Medical & Engineering Entrance Programme in the campus.

Fully residential Higher Secondary Batch (State and ISC syllabus) under the direct guidance of the professors of Brilliant, Pala with special emphasis on IIT - JEE, AIEEE and Kerala Entrance Coaching.

Special coaching for Communicative English Programme by outstation teachers.

Fulltime Counseling and Guidance by trained professionals.